Licencia para Divertirse Tv Show


The 3 different TV Shows that we produced over the years, gave us the opportunity to grow in the community, Winning awards  in the categories of the best Ethnic show, Best Community events show.

Over the years we have air the shows in all the Spanish TV networks in the Tampa bay area like Telemundo, Mundo Max, America TV, CNN Latino.

Every city has a Latin community and this show   bring you a bilingual  entertainment and culture of our community. "Licencia para Divertirse" is a magazine style show that will feature diverse stories about the most delicious restaurants, best places to visit, events to attend, and the latest news in the medical field. The show will also include interviews of famous singers, nightlife business owners, and stakeholders in the community. 

We have also  partner with TBAE network  in our TV show Licencia Para Diveritrse. Read More

enjoy the tv shows

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